Pasadena Home Remodel

Modern and Contemporary Refinements

What initially started as a master bathroom renovation evolved into greater opportunities to open more space for Jessica’s growing family. We prioritized space and storage while maximizing the original floor plan with minimal layout changes when adding new cabinets. Improving the flow of the kitchen and bathrooms naturally resulted in upgrading to modern fixtures that will last the family for many decades.

Master Bathroom

Seeing the Potential

When we were presented with the task of transforming the master bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary, our designers, craftsmen and builders went above to apply that level of comfort across the home. Renovating the kitchen and second bathroom quickly became a reality once we identified areas in the existing layout that could be built upon to increase storage and improve flow.

Kitchen Before & After

Pasadena kitchen before
Pasadena kitchen after
kitchen remodel

Transforming the Entire Home

Pasadena Bathroom Remodeling
Pasadena Bath
Pasadena Bath 1 Vanity
Pasadena shower
"We would recommend H&A My Design to anyone wanting to remodel. From the designers, to the workers, to everyone."

Jessica’s family recently moved into their Pasadena home with the hopes of living there for many decades. With a growing family and long-term occupation, H&A My Design immediately presented upgrades that will accommodate her family’s needs both in the short-term and long-term. Check out what Jessica has to say about our level of quality, attentiveness and responsiveness to assure her oasis was entrusted in good hands.

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